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Here i present my collection of handcuffs, legcuffs and other restraints. This collection is for people collecting, making somthing by themselves, restoring old cuffs or who are interested on escapology.

Items shown here are not for sale, i am a collector, not a dealer!

This site has a simple design, i concentrated more on content. Photos are made over a long time with different cameras, so backgrounds, exposure, white balance etc. may not be uniform.

Colletion is divided into several groups:

There are some projects of do it yourself, restorations and rebuildings:

What is a doublelock? What is a latch, what is shimming or picking a lock?

Some terms are decribed here:


A small subset of my collection. Who recognizes all handcuffs in the picture?


Here you can see the most keys of my collection. Keyrings can be separated for use from central holder. Experts can assign better visible keys to corresponding cuffs...


    07/13/2013  "Handcuffs Europe"->La Pegy

    05/28/2011  "Handcuffs Germany"->A.W. Naht
    05/28/2011  "Leg Cuffs"->Clejuso Nr. 8 old version, Leininger Oregon Boot
    05/28/2011  "other restraints"->strait jacket Burnout aktual photos
    03/25/2011  "Handcuffs Germany"->Bonowi Trilock K, Bonowi Trilock S
    02/25/2011  "Handcuffs Asia"->Haolaifu ZEL004
    02/25/2011  "Leg Cuffs"->Haolaifu SMC05, Clejuso No. 103
    01/23/2011  "Handcuffs Germany"->Walther
    01/23/2011  "Handcuffs USA"->ASP200, ASP300, Bean Giant, S&W M-100 M&P, Tower Side Key, Winchester WN-40
    01/23/2011  "Handcuffs rest of world"->Ian McColl Guiteau
    01/23/2011  "Leg Cuffs"->DDR Fußschellen, S&W M-1900
    01/23/2011  "Other Restraints"->Body Cuffs SPS01, Humane Restraint MND-101
    08/01/2010  "Handcuffs Germany"->GDR 2nd Model, August Schwarz "swing through", Walther, K&D
    08/01/2010  "Handcuffs USA"->S&W M-300, S&W M-925, Caveney
    08/01/2010  "Nippers"->GDR Come Along
    09/09/2009  "Handcuffs Asia"->China Brass Single Lock
    09/09/2009  "Handcuffs Germany"->Andy HS105
    09/09/2009  "Leg Cuffs worldwide"->Andy HS205
    09/09/2009  "Combinations worldwide"->Andy HS305
    06/23/2009  "Handcuffs USA"->Bean Cobb additions
    04/12/2009  "Handcuffs Europe"->Rivolier Type 72, FN-Herstal, Italian WW2
    04/12/2009  "A Cabinet for the Collection"
    04/12/2009  some corrections and additions
    03/22/2009  "Handcuffs USA"->Dawson Cumming, Harvard Lock
    03/19/2009  "Handcuffs GB"->Hiatt HSS9,
    03/19/2009  "Leg Cuffs"->Hiatt Darby 104L
    03/15/2009  "Handcuffs rest of world"->Thales ADI SAF LOK MK 5
    03/05/2009  "Handcuffs rest of world"->Russian Manacle
    03/04/2009  "Handcuffs rest of world"->"Mirror Cuff"
    02/08/2009  "Handcuffs Germany"->Horst Stein "Moabit 616"
    02/08/2009  "Leg Cuffs"->AHC L100, China black leg cuffs
    01/06/2009  "Handcuffs Asia"->China Tumblerlock
    01/06/2009  "Handcuffs GB"->RCS Darby "false backstrap"
    11/23/2008  "Leg Cuffs"->KUB934 modified
    10/29/2008  "Restoration of "Dollar Sign Cuff"
    10/25/2008  "Handcuffs Germany"->Clejuso No. 9
    10/09/2008  "Handcuffs rest of world"->Ian McColl Hamburg Eight, Ian McColl Palmer, Thales ADI SAF LOK MK4
    09/28/2008  "other restraints"->strait jacket Burnout
    09/20/2008  "Handcuffs USA"->Mattatuck Maltby,
    09/20/2008  "Leg Cuffs"->KUB934
    08/24/2008  "Handcuffs USA"->Tower Bean, Tower Bottom Key,
    08/24/2008  "Handschellen Europe"->Czech Prison Cuffs
    08/18/2008  "other Restraints"->Chubb "Detainer" Cutoff,
    08/18/2008  "Handcuffs USA"->Peerless Pat. 1915
    08/12/2008  "Handcuffs USA"->Smith & Wesson M-103, Tower Doublelock
    08/09/2008  "Handcuffs GB"->Chubb Detainer,
    08/09/2008  "Handcuffs USA"->Peerless710 Assa, Peerless710 Medeco
    08/04/2008  "Handcuffs USA"->Mattatuck
    07/24/2008  "Handcuffs USA"->HR Super 123, Hiatt Thompson 104HN
    07/21/2008  Glossary supplemented,
    07/21/2008  "Nippers"->Heinkel,
    07/21/2008  "Handcuffs USA"->Bean Prison
    07/18/2008  Begin of site