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Restoration of "Dollar Sign Cuff"

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Survey and Lock Disassembly

A few months ago i have won an auction for a dollar sign cuff. But there was no key and i assumed lock will be stiff. Price was low and cuff looks good from outside:

fig 00
Fig 1: received cuff

First lock has to be picked and cuff opened. During picking i expected information how key should look like. There where two latches holding the locking disc that has to be pushed apart. Then you can move handle to open locking disc - but there was no handle, it was broken. So i had to move locking disc with a screwdriver while pushing away latches.

But nothing was moving, lock was blocked. So i had to open the lock to reveal reason of malfunction.

The cover was inserted in lock case and edge of lock case was creased to hold cover in place. I have carefully opend creasing with a screwdriver until i could remove cover and disassemble lock.

fig 01
Fig 2: disassembled lock

At bottom of lock case is the locking disc (lowest part in picture), it turns about 20° and releases bolt preventing lock case to be lifted. On locking disc is separation disc, it is not rotating. Mounted on separation disc both levers holding bolts of locking disc protuding through separation disc.

Exact function of parts are declared later when lock is reassembled.

All parts had become rusty, picture is showing parts unchanged since i have received cuff.

fig 02
Fig 3: lock parts

In the middle of empty lock case the post for the double bitted key. On the side a bolt connected with bow under lock. This bolt has a nut, locking disc is rotating in this nut to prevent lifting lock case to open cuff.

Inside of lock case you can see also a lot of rust.

fig 03
Fig 4: empty lock case

Here all single lock parts as they are when i have received cuff:

fig 05
Fig 5: lock cover

fig 06
Fig 6: locking disc

fig 07
Fig 7: separation disc

fig 08
Fig 8: levers

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