Andys Handcuff Collection

Handcuffs from USA

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30 exhibits

     AHC A-105 AHC A-105
     AHC N-105 AHC N-105
     ASP 100 black ASP 100 black
     ASP 100 orange ASP 100 orange
     ASP 200 black ASP 200 black
     ASP 300 black ASP 300 black
     Bean Cobb Bean Cobb
     Bean Giant Bean Giant
     Bean Prison Bean Prison
     Caveney Caveney Bottleneck
     Dawson Cumming Dawson Cumming
     HR Super123 Harrington&Richardson Super 123
     Harvard Lock Harvard Lock
     Hiatt Thompson 104 Hiatt Thompson Darby 104HN
     Marlin Daley Bottleneck Marlin Daley Bottleneck
     Mattatuck Mattatuck
     Mattatuck Maltby Mattatuck Maltby
     Peerless 1915 Peerless Pat. 1915
     Peerless 710 Assa Peerless 710 with Assa Desmo cylinder
     Peerless 710 Medeco Peerless 710 with Medeco cylinder
     SW Modell 100 M&P Smith & Wesson M-100 M&P
     SW Modell 103 Smith & Wesson M-103
     SW Modell 300 Smith & Wesson M-300
     SW Modell 925 Smith & Wesson M-925
     SW Modell 94 Smith & Wesson M-94
     Tower Bean Tower Bean Pattern
     Tower Bottom Key Tower Bottom Key
     Tower Doublelock Tower Doublelock
     Tower Side Key Tower Side Key
     Winchester WN40 Winchester WN-40