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Leg Cuffs

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17 exhibits

     AHC L100 AHC L100
     Andy HS204 V2A Andy HS204 V2A
     Andy HS205 Andy HS205
     Bean Cobb Legiron Bean Cobb leg cuffs
     China Legiron China black leg cuffs
     Clejuso 103 Clejuso No. 103
     Clejuso Nr 8 old Clejuso Nr. 8 old version
     DDR Legiron GDR leg cuffs
     Haolaifu SMC05 Haolaifu SMC05
     Hiatt Darby 104L Hiatt Darby 104L
     KUB-934 ABUS KUB-934 mod. copy of bavarian ABUS legcuffs
     Leininger Oregon Boot Leininger Oregon Boot
     Master Streetcuff Master Lock Streetcuff
     Mattatuck Judd Mattatuck Judd
     SW Model 1900 Smith & Wesson M-1900
     Tower Leg Tower Doublelock leg cuffs
     Leg 1861 unknown leg irons 1861
     VW2006-1 Victorworks VW2006-1 copy of bavarian ABUS leg cuffs