Andys Handcuff Collection

Handcuffs from rest of Europe

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11 exhibits

     Alcyon 15900 Alcyon 15900 (5223)
     Alcyon 15901 Alcyon 15901 (5224)
     AlfaProj Ralkem 9924 Alfa Project Ralkem 9924
     AlfaProj Ralkem MVS 9927 Alfa Project Ralkem MVS 9927
     Czech Prison Generation 3 Czech Prison Cuffs Generation 3
     Czech Prison Generation 5 Czech Prison Cuffs Generation 5
     FN Herstal FN Herstal
     Italian WW II Cuffs Italian WW II Cuffs
     La Pegy La Pegy
     Rivolier Type 72 Rivolier Type 72
     Star Star