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15 exhibits

    Thumb Cuffs:
     BRS3 Russian BRS3 thumb cuff
     Yuil M05 Yuil M05 thumb cuff

     KUB 907 KUB 907 segmented collar

     Pranger Bodycuffs Bodycuffs SPS01

    Transport Belts:
     Ralkem 9926 Alfa Project Ralkem 9926 transport belt

     unknown Toy Handcuffs unknown toy handcuffs metal
     unknown Toy plastic unknown toy handcuffs plastic

    Medical Restraints:
     ADL 305 Humane Restraint ADL-305 SPEC
     MND-101 Humane Restraint MND-101

    Strait Jackets:
     SJ Burnout Strait jacket Burnout
     SJ Leathers Strait jacket Leathers

     How to use a Strait Jacket by yourself (for training of escapology ;-)

     Andy Bonowi Trilock Cutoff Andy Bonowi Trilock Cutoff
     Andy Chubb Detainer Cutoff Andy Chubb Detainer Cutoff
     Andy Ralkem Cutoff Andy Ralkem Cutoff
     Eisenjoerg Eisenjörg lockable chain link