Andy HS205

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Country: Germany
Manufacturer: Andy58
Model: HS205
Material: stainless steel
Weight: 816g

Andy HS205

The Andy HS205 is my new self made leg cuff, now as small batch. It is possible to make more... There will be no "V2A" in the model name because HS205 will be made in stainless steel only. At the first glance the HS205 looks similar to the HS204, but there are some details that are different.

Most significant features are the same as for HS204: comfortable shape of a darby and a high security camlock. Again it is a deadlocking mechanism: you have to lock cuffs by key, key can only be removed when locked. There is no ratchet that can be shimmed.

Bows are now available in three sizes "S", "M" and "L", "M" is the same size as HS204. Bows made to measure are possible.

Chain of this HS205 shorter than for my HS204, chain length can be choosen individually. For symmetrical reasons chain has an odd number of chain links, also a ring in the middle is possible.

1 hinge

Abloy cylinder has now profile "Ruby", new keys can be ordered only at center that issued the keys originally. Outer edges of bows at hinge are now angled so it is not possible to use tools to force open hinge. Now bow and hinge are paired individually, bows are grinded accurately so there is virtually no room between bow and hinge. Only a thin sheet of metal or a tiny screwdriver can be used, but this is not sufficiant to force open hinge.

Model and serial number could only be attached after bending bows, because bows are also paired individually for each pair of handcuffs. Size of length and width are relatively accurate but due to tolerances the rounding of bows will be a little bit different. Differences are difficult to see but will be noticed when both cuffs are placed one over the other. This is the reason for number attached on already bent bows. Also stainless steel is very tough, so some characters are not complete and accurately positioned. It is handmade and not done by a special machine. Here model is "HS205", size "M" and serial number "01".

2 swivel

Details inside lock body are the same as for HS105 (handcuffs) and are described there. Chains are connected by swivels to bows. Swivels are made of eye terminals for boats to fix steel cable, they are cut to the right length and finished on turning lathe.

3 case

HS205 will be delivered in a wooden case like HS204, but now it is one single size for one pair of handcuffs and legcuffs. Alternatively case will keep one combination for hand and feet. There is a removable plate with handcuff and key holder. Under this plate is room for leg cuffs. For combinations plate has a gap for connecting chain. If there is only one pair of handcuffs or leg cuffs, the other place remains empty.