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Lock Assembly

After repair of locking disc lock could be reassembled again.

At first locking disc is inserted. Here open position is shown, lock can be lifted to open cuff.

fig 15
Fig 13: locking disc open

When lever is pushed down (on picture), locking disc rotates counterclockwise engaging nut in bolt preventing lock to be lifted.

Inserted spring snaps over tappet in lock case so locking disc engages in both end positions.

fig 16
Fig 14: locking disc closed

Key has three bits, a double bit more to top and one single bit at bottom. Top bits are releasing levers and bottom bit moves locking disc to open position. Many dollar sign cuffs require assistance by hand on lever to open locking disc because disc is blocking a little. Some copied keys do not have the third bottom bit and open just levers, locking disc has to be moved by hand.

I have also made a copy for the key because there was no original one. It is a little bit shorter than an original because of thin steelsheet inside center Hole of locking disc. An original key does not open my cuff. Unfortunately lock is not exactly original, but functionable including opening locking disc by key only without assistance by hand.

fig 17
Fig 15: key opening locking disc

Separation disc is placed over locking disc. It is not rotating, three tappets hold it in place. Center hole is for key including bottom bit, two bolts from locking disc are protruding through separation disc. Later levers are blocking these bolts.

fig 18
Fig 16: separation disc

Now both levers are inserted, lock is open. Levers are hold outside by bolts of locking disc.

Springs forcing levers to center are loosly inserted.

fig 19
Fig 17: levers open

Lock can be locked by moving lever down by hand. Levers snap back to center and are blocking bolts of locking disc.

Bolts are catched by V-shaped ends of levers. I had to adjust them a little bit until levers are working smooth.

fig 20
Fig 18: levers locked

Next pickture shows key opening lock: both upper bits opens levers and releases locking disc. When key is turned further, locking disc is moved to open oposition.

fig 21
Fig 19: key opening lock

Finally lock cover was placed on top of lock and edge of lock case is creased by light hammer strokes. Also opened rivet was closed again, it was long enough to hold steelplate securely.

Finished dollar sign cuff is presented here: Dollar Sign Cuff

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