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Restoration of "Dollar Sign Cuff"

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Locking Mechanism

Unfortunately cuffs could be opened even when they are locked. The pin catching the ratchet was too short and too rounded.

So i needed access to this pin. Lock is mounted on bendable steelplate, plate is riveted on bow. There are two rivets, one in the middle and one on the right side on picture. I have flattened right rivet until i could losen steelplate. Now i could rotate steelplate away.

fig 09
Fig 9: loose steelplate

Locking pin is directly connected under lock case. It is worn and rounded on both sides.

fig 11
Fig 10: worn locking pin

I have set a weld spot on pin, now it is long enough to reach deep into ratchet to lock securely cuff.

fig 12
Fig 11: locking pin with weld spot

Locking Disc

On the side of locking disc was a small lever protuding out of lock case, so locking disc can be moved by hand. But this lever was broken and missing. I made a lever from steelplate of same thickness and welded it to locking disc.

Picking of lock was impossible because locking disc had blocked in locking case. Wear hat widened gap between locking disc and lock case, rust has blocked any movement too. In original condition locking disc rotates inside locking case guided by circular shape of disc and locking case.

This could not be repaired, the gap was too big. Therefore i have inserted a thin steelplate in opening of locking disc leaving one hole for center post. Now locking disc rotation is guided be this center hole, it rotates very smooth.

fig 14
Fig 12: repaired locking disc

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