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"Making Of" Andy HS104 V2A

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Final Products

Here some photos from finished handcuffs and legcuffs. In german handcuff forum i have named the handcuffs "HS104 V2A" and the legcuffs "HS204 V2A" (Prototype is named "HS104" without V2A). HS means high security, 104 because shape is similar to Hiatt Darby 104 (but not identical) and V2A is notation for stainless steel. 204 is just 100 added to 104 for matching legcuffs...

Size of handcuffs is 68mm*48mm, ellipse of this dimensions fits inside cuff, bow has elliptical form except at hinge and locking bolt. Some dimensions for comparison:

Hiatt/Thompson 104HN (non ferrous cast): 62mm*52mm
Hiatt 101 ("Superintendent"): 65mm*53mm
Hiatt 104 "warrant wrough", "hard": 61mm*51mm

Geometry of legcuffs is the same, size is 90mm*70mm. Distance of inner sides of cuffs (length of chain/ring plus size of swivels plus thickness of bows) is ca. 85mm for handcuffs and ca. 340mm for legcuffs.

fig 25
Figure 25: finished products

fig 26
Figure 26: serial numbers

More pictures can be seen at product descriptions Andy HS104 V2Aand Andy HS204 V2A.

For Handcuffs i had ordered wooden cases made to measure. Dimensions are known because i had made a prototype of this handcuffs in normal steel. Cases are made from beech (not so expensive but hard wood) and clear varnished. The two wooden blocks inside case are made by me, also adhesive foils like black velvet. There is currently no wooden case for legcuffs, but it is planned for the future.

Figure 27: HS104 V2A in wooden case

But these cuffs are not the first with Abloy locks. In the book "a Guidebook to Handcuffs and other Restraints of the World" from Alex Nichols on page 90 you can find a picture of handcuffs manufactured by Abloy in the 1930's. It is something between a Darby and a Bean Prison made of brass with the famous Abloy cylinder lock. Looks very interesting.

It is not planned to do this work again the same way, it is too much time consuming. The only way to do this again is to order some parts from a locksmithery or a workshop doing metal work, especially the hinges, swivel bearings, caps and locking bolts.

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