Clejuso No. 9

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Country: Germany
Manufacturer: Clejuso
Model: No. 9
Material: stainless steel
Weight: 373g

Clejuso 9

There are "Technical Guidelines, Handcuffs, lockable" for some years, but until now there are no handcuffs following these guidelines. Some requirements are swing through bows (peerless style), keyholes accessable from both sides, three locking pawls, double lock settable by finger (also with gloves) and it should be pick resistant (e.g. wire, paper clip, saw blade). On cuffs manufacturer, model type and serial number or date of manufacturing should be visible. Tensile strength must be greater or equal to 4200N, this is slightly less than double of tensile strength required by NIJ. Some amazing requirements can also be found, e.g. cuffs has to be made of stable and durable material ;-)

Clejuso No. 9 is the first cuff conforming requirements of this guidelines. Key can be inserted from both sides, double lock is similar to Clejuso No. 11, it can be set by finger on side of lock case. Cuffs are labeled "Clejuso Nr 9, Made in Germany" on cheek plates, on pictures it is difficult to see. But there is no serial number or date of manufacturing...

1 open

To open handcuff, turn key away from bow, double lock will be released before opening bow at the same move of key. This is the first Clejuso having milled grooves on bow preventing opening if bow will be deformed.

2 lock

There are three locking pawls separated by sheets. But sheets does not reach into teething of bows, theeth have no grooves like a Yuil "deluxe" cuff.

3 key

The key is symmetrical, each side has three bits. One side opens double lock, the other side opens the three locking pawls.

Of cause i have analyzed how cuffs can be opened without key. Double lock can be easily opened by using a bent wire (paper clip, hair pin), it is not divided in three parts. But it is difficult to open locking pawls and it is possible only one by one. You need a lot of time to open cuffs by picking through keyhole. But it is relatively easy to shim cuffs after releasing doublelock. For a scilled person it is possible to cut a shim from cover of a plastic folder and use it. So it is possible to open them with paper clip, scissors and a plastic folder, all you can find in an office. But it is more difficult than a standard handcuff, Clejudo No. 9 is a little bit safer. Also shimming is more difficult than for most other handcuffs, you have to do an additional move with the bow.